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#BBNaija Day 36: Ozo is new HoH, Biggie’s comeback diary, Brighto’s triangle, and lots more




We brought you all the highlights from #BBNaija Day 36 which you might have missed: Ozo and Nengi are new HoH, Biggie’s comeback diary, Brighto’s triangle, Erica defines her friendships, and lots more.

Day 36: If I win HoH

Neo shares his concerns with being picked him for Deputy Hoh after Erica gists about picking Brighto. However, Ozo later won the head of house games and emerged HoH for the second time. He picked Nengi as his Deputy HoH

Day 36: Eviction dust settles
Now that the dust generated by the Eviction has settled, the BB Naija Housemates can get back to their normal lives.

The Eviction, as usual, left the Housemates shocked as it claimed one of their most vocal Housemates. Shocked as they were though, most of them had a hand in it and now that they were over it, they were able to get back to live in the House, but not everyone moved on that first. Some still nursed fears.

Rattled by the Votes

Watching the bottom four Housemates realise that their fate in the House depended on how the other Housemates Voted made Prince put a lot of things in perspective. He concluded that he might not get a favourable outcome if he ever was in that position. While discussing with Tolanibaj he said, “If at any point I come up in the bottom four, I am going to leave.” Stating his reason why; he said he knew some Housemates didn’t like him and even the ones that liked him would still want to see him leave because they consider him competition in the House. Prince revealed he won’t hold it against them because he would understand where they were coming from. He just didn’t want it to get to the point where the Housemates had to decide if he stayed in the House or not.

A messy triangle

Wathoni, Dorathy and Brighto triangle drama doesn’t look like it is ending anytime soon and might get messier. Wathoni shared with Tolanibaj and Vee that she suspects Dorathy probably wanted her out of the House.

“I am sure some of you don’t want me to be in your faces but my dear, I am going to be in your face,” she said gleefully. She went further to explain that Dorathy kept insisting that she doesn’t want a triangle but she keeps acting up. Tolanibaj replied that it shouldn’t bother her since they were never close in the first place and that she owed Dorathy nothing. Vee echoed her and urged Wathoni to enjoy the cruise.

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Wathoni who was already on Brighto’s bed looked poised to enjoy the cruise already.

Mending fences

After Ebuka revealed the advice Vee gave Laycon concerning Erica, it seemed as if a silent war was building up between them but Kiddwaya urged her to try to get along with Vee. “It’s not worth it,” he said. He wasn’t sure if Vee’s advice came from a place of maliciousness to make Erica feel bad.

As the Housemates take on a new week, we eagerly await the antics they will be up to, and how the dynamics will change, especially after the revelations during the Live Eviction Show.

BBNaija Gist: ‘Ka3na and I just kissed aggressively’ – Praise

Praise talks to Ebuka about his bromance with Laycon and Praise, who has the best strategy in the House and his viral cozy moment with Ka3na just before her Eviction.

Day 36: Better Evicted than Disqualified


The latest Eviction has the Housemates gisting about why Eviction is better than Disqualification. Even though it’s a serious subject, they still manage to turn it into a hilarious conversation.

Day 36: Biggie’s comeback Diary
Biggie’s return meant the Diary Room Session was about the mistakes the Big Brother Housemates made while he was away.

Biggie’s return to the House has been filled with fireworks and his first Diary Session back was even more so. Here’s what the Housemates had to say when they got a chance to talk to the big boss again.

The filmmaker shared with Biggie that he is shocked to still be in the House. Trikytee also mentioned that he doesn’t think anyone has found love in the House because from what he has seen love must be tested and that will only happen after the Housemates leave Big Brother.

Prince told Biggie that his voting strategy for Evictions was he chose people who weren’t close to him. His votes were cast for Trikytee and Praise so that Vee and Wathoni could continue their Big Brother journey.

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After telling Biggie how much he was missed by him, Laycon said that he was feeling good about his week. He also told Biggie that his Eviction votes went to Trikytee and Wathoni because he felt emotionally closer to Praise and Vee.

Lucy shared with Biggie that she is happy to still be around and taking every single day as it comes in the Big Brother House. She also voiced her concern with group Wagers as they often were lost due to issues arising from other team members and not her.

After sharing that she had a very emotional night after saying goodbye to Praise, Dorathy told Big Brother that she is feeling better now. She also mentioned that her selections for Eviction were Trikytee and Vee because she regards them a competition.

After sharing with Biggie how excited he is to be trying painting, Brighto mentioned that he was feeling good. He also said that going forward he would caution his fellow Housemates to avoid losing any more Wagers.

Nengi shared with Biggie that she would try to be the best version of herself to help her fellow Housemates not lose any more Wagers. As far as matters of the heart go, Nengi believes that Vee has found love in the House.
Once again Biggie’s return brought more truths out of the Housemates than the games they play while tipsy. Who knows what other gems the Diary Room will unearth today.

Day 36: The all in workout
The Big Brother Housemates all gave their best during today’s gym session, and for some that meant doing nothing at all.

It’s a rare occasion to see all the majority of the Housemates in Big Brother working out on the same day, let alone the same time, but today was one of those special days. It could be that yesterday’s Eviction put a fire under the Housemates and reignited their passion for success in all its forms.

Praise used to be the leader of the workouts and since his eviction yesterday, Neo has nominated himself as the instructor. He led a large group that included Vee, Ozo, Nengi, Erica, Dorathy, and Tolanibaj through a gruelling core routine that included crunches, planks and scissor kicks. Vee and Tolanibaj could be seen struggling to keep up with the pace and often took naps in the time sets were supposed to be done. They fared better than Dorathy who towards the end of the routine rolled up her mat and left. Could Dorathy’s exhaustion have anything to do with the restless sleep she had after attempting to cruise with Brighto?

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Kiddwaya and Brighto have grown fond of each other over the last few days and their comradery even spans into workout time. The pair spent the majority of their time doing sets of pushups and talking loudly so as not to get another strike for whispering. Also turning sweat time into buddy time was Prince and Trikytee. The gentlemen spent the majority of the session next to each other also doing pushups but without the lively conversation that Brighto and Kiddwaya enjoyed.

Of the people who did not join a group, or partner up, Lucy had the most tiring time as she willed herself through a spirited leg day workout. Towards the end of her session, she was joined by Dorathy who had just retreated from Neo. The pair finished off with some squats and on the spot sprints to end their exertions.

Also taking the solo approach to workout time was Wathoni who did her usual routine of brisk laps around the arena. There appeared to be more pep in her step and gaiety in her movements as she clocked up the kilometres, perhaps because she might have found a cruise mate in Brighto. Lastly, Laycon worked as always on his preferred muscle group, his glutes. The rapper once again spent his time on the bench watching others suffer and sweat.

It seems the loss of the resident gym instructor has made the Housemates all realise the same thing, that if they want to get anything done, they had better get working on it now.

Day 36: Where the Wager went wrong

During the Diary Session Biggie asked the Housemates what they would do to make sure the their next Wager isn’t a losing affair. Their answers ranged from person changes to group mindset adjustments.

News Credit – Africa Magic


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BBNaija Season 5 Got 900Million Votes, The Highest Ever – Organizers Reveal





Multichoice, the organizers of Big Brother Nigeria, BBNaija, have revealed that this year’s edition of the show got 900 million votes, the highest ever.

The Managing director of MultiChoice Nigeria, parent production company of the BBNaija franchise, John Ugbe, disclosed that the Lockdown season recorded the highest votes ever in the history of the show.

According to him, the show recorded 900 million votes from the different voting platforms and cost of producing the show was N3.5bn.

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He disclosed this at the media briefing and presentation of prize money to Laycon, the season’s winner, today September 30, in Lagos.


Mr. Ugbe noted that the 900 million votes were gotten from the different voting platforms and that the cost of producing the show was N3.5bn.

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The winner of the show, Laycon received the grand prize of N85 million today with its breakdown as follows;

– N30m cash prize
– Two-bedroom apartment
– Dubai trip for two
– SUV from Innoson Motors
– Trip to Dublin
– Trip to watch di UEFA Champions League finale
– Home appliances
– One year supply of Indomie noodles, Munch it chin-chin and Colgate toothpaste
– One year supply of Pepsi
– Branded chiller
– Brand new Oppo mobile smartphone among others.

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Laycon never told me he has ‘Sickle Cell’- Erica (video)





Erica has dismissed online reports that the winner of the BBNAIJA season 5 show and her fellow contestant, Laycon, told her he was Sickle Cell.


Recall that last week, she was dragged on social media after Laycon revealed to Dorathy that he was SC. Read here.

Many social media users claimed Laycon told Erica he was Sickle Celled and that was why during the altercation that led to her disqualification, she told him he was going to die before 50. They accused her of using Laycon’s health status against him.

In a video shared online, Erica dismissed the claim.


”I have been seeing a lot of crazy stuff on the internet saying that I knew about Laycon’s sickness and I used it against him. Come on guys. In all my time in that house, I am sure you have seen the kind of person that I am. I am a very emotional person. I am very sensitive to people’s feelings. If I do things wrong, I always go back and apologize. There is no time I have ever used whatever someone says to me against them because I know how bad I would feel if someone does that to me.

Laycon never told me he was SC. There is no time he ever said that to me and he himself knows that he never said that to me. Left to me, Lay con was fine, he was alright.

It was just bottled up emotions. That is it. That’s what happened” she said

She also took out time to address her ‘relationship’ with Kiddwaya.

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First of all he is my friend. He was my best friend in the house. He is a very great guy. He is very intelligent. He was there for me and is still there for me.

About a relationship? I am not sure about that because no one knows the future but the thing is the pressure is not going to help so guys just allow us work on ourselves. For me, I want to work on myself, my brand and I know he has plans for himself and his career.

Right now we are fresh from the house, we had our plans before we even met each other and now we are fresh out of the house, we have to do everything we plan to do with our career. That comes first.

I don’t know what is going to happen in the future. You guys already know I like him but what comes first is my career.” she said


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Watch the video below


by Linda Ikeji


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BBNaija 2020: Why I became Kiddwaya’s friend – Laycon





Winner of the Big Brother Nigeria season 5, Laycon, has given reason he became friends with Kiddwaya.

Laycon in an interview with Ebuka on Monday said although he had issues with Erica, he became friends with Kiddwaya because he liked him as a brother.

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The UNILAG graduate also revealed that he became comfortable with Kiddwaya and Erica’s relationship but wanted Erica to give him space.

He said, ”I don’t know how I became friends with Kiddwaya. I just remember that I told Vee that it almost feels like I am beginning to get comfortable with Erica and Kiddwaya’s relationship because I like Kiddwaya as a brother.”

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When asked of his friendship with Vee, Laycon said he is happy Vee was his friend in the house.

”I don’t know how I became friends with Vee but I am really happy she is my friend,” he said.

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Recall that Vee stood up for Laycon when he had an issue with Erica and it seemed that he had lost focus on the game.


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