5 Nigerian Celebrity Divorcees That Are Winning!

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Gone are those days when a divorce carried a stigma tag attached. Women and men alike are currently grasping there is dependably life after an unpleasant separation.

While some failed off the radar following split with their accomplices, these female famous people seem to have discovered their balance ,made more distinction, improved accomplices, and obviously made huge progress following their separation.

There are such huge numbers of famous people winning after separation yet Miss Petite Nigeria Blog has shortlisted it’s best 5 in no specific request..


Toke Makinwa’s separation from her accomplice, Maje Ayida was as intense as any separation can be. It was a hard pill to swallow considering she was a “relationship master” who handed out prompt on her well known Youtube channel.

So it was such a stun and a let down the same number of ridiculed her for not having the capacity to apply her tips without anyone else marriage .

Numerous kept in touch with her off and swore the finish of her marriage was the finish of her brand..She was disgraced, blamed for ignoring her man, consequently his choice to have a child by another lady.

While she kept up radio quiet and swung to God for comfort, much to our dismay this petite woman was going to turn her life around utilizing nothing other than her agony.

Out of her heartbreak,her fiercely fruitful top rated book”Onbecoming’ was conceived. She opened up in ways nobody trusted she would.She likewise gave an understanding into her turbulent and involved acquaintance with her ex-husband,which crossed over 10 years.

Furthermore, her life took an alternate turn after that.Jet-setting around the world,countless endorsements,speeches,Toke Makinwa began winning inside and out conceivable.

She got her fantasy auto, a Range Rover,moved into an elegantly outfitted flat, increased her form amusement by overdoing it on the most recent mold wears cash can buy.Even propelled her own line of extravagance packs.

And keeping in mind that there are slight whispers that her favorable luck is on account of a 80 year old very rich person, you can’t take away the reality that,Toke Makinwa is a diligent employee. What’s more, she seems to have a ton of fun while putting in that work.

Her separation was settled on October sixth 2017.

Yes,Toke Makinwa is one divorced person who is completely winning and we can just say cheers to her future.

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